Only change will save us

According to the rather conservative estimates of the United Nations, by 2050 the world’s population will reach 9.6 billion people. In practice, this means only one thing. To survive on the current level of life we ​​will need 3 planets, and there is no doubt that we only have one. Continuous work on yourself, reducing the amount of waste generated and the continuous development of sustainable sources of energy and food is not only an obligation, but also a necessity in the current situation. These are the facts, and the key to success on the road to an environmentally friendly future that will ensure the future generations to survive with dignity is to focus on much more sustainable methods of sourcing packaging and strongly reducing waste.

In the context of planet-friendly packaging, the approach of the e-commerce sector itself is important, which every year takes bolder steps towards a better tomorrow. Much has already been done.

Another issue is the needs of the consumers themselves. As research shows, more and more customers are ready to pay more for goods packed in an ecological way. Consumers also pay attention to whether the products they choose are packed in cardboard boxes and recycled e-commerce cartons, which also seems to be a sensible approach. There is no doubt that market trends in sustainability are becoming more visible and sophisticated every year, while putting much more emphasis on real action in the e-commerce sector.

What is sustainable packaging?

Sustainably sourced e-commerce packaging should be:
● produced, stored and transported using renewable energy;
● made of renewable or at least recycled materials;
● designed in such a way as to best meet the requirements of material
      and energy optimization;
● easy to use in biological or industrial closed cycles.

At first glance, the implementation of this type of policy seems very expensive. Nevertheless, this not only improves the situation of our planet, but also measurable benefits for modern enterprises, including brand awareness, consolidated warehousing and lower shipping costs thanks to smaller parcel sizes.

Advertising leverages e-commerce © Thinkstock

Sustainably produced e-commerce cartons and cartons are a beneficial marketing activity, in many ways better than classic advertising. Traditional marketing is expensive and does not always pay off. Small family brands cannot compete with large corporations in terms of advertising budget, which is why e-commerce packaging seems to be an ideal carrier of marketing information.

It has been known for a long time that the packaging of products in mail order is not only the protection of the item against damage in transport. It is also a great way to build a dialogue with the consumer. Ecological e-commerce packaging with a logo, characteristic colors or an interesting slogan not only increases the prestige of the product, but also engages the emotions of customers and at the same time facilitates the acquisition of new ones. The packaging is a practical business card of the company, which often says more about the brand than any advertisement in a traditional form.

What packaging strategy should you choose for yourself or your company?

Sustainable packaging solutions are not only about using the right materials. Strategies for actions that go hand in hand with ecology often go far beyond the mere issue of reducing waste. The basis of any action is awareness of the situation and the constant pursuit of change. It is therefore worth informing your customers about the need to recycle packaging, for example by placing appropriate infographics on the box. Another issue is the size of the packages. The smaller the better – both for the environment and for your business. E-commerce cartons with small dimensions also mean lower consumption of filling materials. Demand needs to be forecasted wisely to avoid overproduction or over-ordering of unnecessary products. In dealing with this issue, modern technology that automates the management of the supply and demand process is very helpful. Following the path of change, it is worth talking to partners from the supply chain about the role of sustainable development in their business.

Cartons and cardboard packaging are the future of e-commerce

The e-commerce market is constantly evolving, and all analyzes of consumer trends clearly show that customers are more and more willing and more often looking for innovative and sustainable packaging. In the era of the climate crisis, more and more people notice the need for change. In order to succeed in the new reality and keep up with consumer expectations, e-commerce entrepreneurs should therefore reach for more ecological solutions, of which cardboard is an ideal representative. Increasingly innovative e-commerce packaging brings long-term benefits in the form of cost savings and increased brand awareness among customers, which in turn translates into higher profits. And all this for the benefit of our planet and its natural environment.


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