Valve’s platform is known by PC gamers for its event promos that smash the price of hundreds, if not thousands, of games every year. But every week, Steam also makes many interesting promotions and sometimes lowers the price of games below five euros. After the huge sales on one of the most cult roguelike licenses, the platform is tackling an extremely addictive game that is highly appreciated by players.

A game that gives the banana

This is the “little game” Bloons TD6 , a crazy and very colorful tower defense with titanic content. The franchise is particularly well known on mobile, but also on PC where each episode is very well received by players.
In this case on Steam, Bloons TD6 gets an extremely positive rating here for more than 217,000 reviews. It’s not nothing.

In this tower defense, you have to survive attacks from Bloons, balloons and other inflatable objects that are visibly after the monkeys since it is by controlling an army of primates that you will have to defend your base from the incessant waves balloons.
Said like that, it’s weird, but the fact is that the game is super addictive. We have at our disposal several dozen turrets and other characters that we can improve. More than fifty paintings await you with hundreds of challenges of all kinds. As a bonus, events are regularly organized to win items and a whole bunch of useful or cosmetic rewards.
Very clearly, Bloons TD6is the kind of game you throw on the go and ends up swallowing up a whole afternoon. It’s also the perfect game for small sessions on the Steam Deck .

A hugely popular game under $4 on Steam

For its mid-week offer, Steam is slashing the prices and now offers the game for less than €4. The online store is taking the opportunity to sell the game in a big bundle that includes several other installments in the franchise and another popular tower defense series, Kingdom Rush .

  • Bloons TD6 at €3.44 instead of €13.79 (-75%)
  • Bloons + Kingdom Rush bundle at €35.61 instead of 60.80 (-41%) – includes Bloons TD6, Bloons TD5 and its DLCs, Kingdom Rush Origin and Kingdom Rush Vengeance.

Bloons TD6 has also received a major update recently with a whole bunch of new features. For example, there is a new defense tower, new maps, new challenges and a whole host of rewards. The monkeys are not idle.


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