Many people go to the doctor hoping for some kind of magical solution that will cure their ills. They do not realize that, in truth, they have a lot to do when it comes to preventing or treating the disease. In this task, being optimistic and having a good attitude is essential and is confirmed by recent research that has found that having a positive attitude can be the medicine your heart needs. I invite you to find out in detail.

Mood appears to play an extremely important role in health. In this regard, a new study has found that people with heart disease who have a more optimistic and enthusiastic attitude tend to live longer than those who do not. One possible reason is that precisely enthusiasm and optimism lead them to stay more active.

To arrive at these results, which have been published in Circulation: Cardiovascular Quality and Outcomes , researchers from the University of Tilburg, in the Netherlands, surveyed more than 600 people who were treated at the Danish hospital in 2005, and who had ischemic heart disease , a condition that occurs when the heart does not receive enough blood because the arteries have narrowed. They were asked about their mood, habits and quality of life, including physical activity, and then reviewed hospital records from 2010 to determine who had died.

Thus they found that those who obtained a higher score in “positive attitude” were more likely to exercise regularly and had a lower risk of dying during the next five years. In detail: Half of the participants reported a score of 24 or higher (on a 0-40 mood scale, with the higher number indicating feeling more relaxed and having higher self-esteem). Among the patients with the highest score in positive attitude, 30 died while, in people with a less positive attitude, that figure reached 50.

According to the researchers, one of the possible causes of this relationship could be that having an enthusiastic attitude leads patients to exercise more, since among the people with the highest score in their state of mind, the trend indicated that they did some physical activity at least once. once a week, and those who exercised were 50 percent less likely to die than those who did not.

These results suggest that there may be some relationship between maintaining a positive attitude and all causes of mortality, although it is still necessary to have more information in this regard in order to arrive at more precise data.

In terms of the number of hospitalizations for causes related to their heart condition, the researchers did not notice a clear difference based on attitudes towards life and disease: around half of the participants were admitted to the hospital, for example, for: a heart attack , heart failure (heart failure) or chest pain (angina) .

This finding adds to others that have already found a link between a positive attitude and a healthier heart . And although it is still necessary to have more evidence to explain what this relationship is like, there is no doubt that maintaining an exercise routine helps you keep your heart healthy and in good condition for longer.

Begin today to look for the good side of things, to emphasize more the blessings you have instead of complaining about what you lack, and add a bit of humor, laughter and shared joy to your day. They are the perfect medicine for your heart.


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