Virtual reality is good but it is still largely unaffordable for the majority of players. Especially on PC where to play big games, you have to pay at least 800 euros to hope to obtain a quality helmet as well as its controllers (this is the price of the Valve Index for example). From the outset, this therefore prevents a good part of the public from being able to access titles like the very popular Half Life Alyx . But that was before. Explanations.

Half-Life Alyx without VR headset

Indeed now you can play a complete run from start to finish on Half-Life Alyx without needing to have a VR headset at your disposal. How ? That’s thanks to the aptly named NoVR mod, which has been in the works for quite some time now. On the creative team’s Twitter account, you can find this announcement that says it all:

Our biggest update is now available!

The campaign can now be completed from start to finish! Gravity Gloves work, the Combine Fabricator can be used to upgrade your weapons, and more!

Consult the explanations below to know all the details as well as to find the presence of a download link!

A version that lacks fun?

You can find the link in question via the Moddb site . However, before embarking on this adventure without VR of Half Life Alyx, we prefer to warn you: do not expect an optimal experience . Indeed even before the creation of this mod, the creator of Valve News Network, Tyler McVicker, had been able to access a version without VR (made accessible by mistake via Steam). And for him it’s a bit of a cold shower. He also declared in 2020 on this subject:

Non-VR mods are going to exist but they’re not going to be very fun, the game wasn’t designed to be played like Half-Life 2

Along the same lines, Half Life Alyx programmer Robin Walker also explained:

What I’m sure of is that when people get this slaughtered version, they’ll have lost all the things that make VR great, so they’ll understand very clearly why we made this choice of VR.
There’s a part of me that can’t wait for people to have this experience .


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