Dragon Age 4 is on the right track. The development of the game will have been tedious and especially marked by a reboot in 2018. If the new episode of the series was initially to be oriented towards multiplayer and game-service, the bitter failure of Anthem prompted EA to drop some ballast and ultimately commanding an entirely single-player experience. The developers are finally seeing the end of the tunnel after so many years, with a full version finally being playable internally for a few months. Things are progressing and BioWare seems ready to show what its RPG has in store soon. 

Soon a trailer for Dragon Age 4

Dragon Age 4 is going to show itself well very soon. The development of the game is accelerating thanks to the reinforcement of the team dedicated to Mass Effect and the return of Mark Darrah, the former executive producer of the license who has packed up 2020. The veteran will come to ensure that this new episode offers an experience respecting the license’s heritage, which seems to be a top priority for BioWare. The game continues to be expected, and the studio communicates from time to time on the progress of the project, always promising news for this year. It would seem, however, that a trailer is finally ready to be unveiled with why not an exit window at the key.

EA has indeed contacted Fandom, the site hosting the famous Dragon Age Wiki held by several passionate fans, to discuss a partnership to broadcast the Dragon Age 4 Dreadwolf trailer on the main page. According to the moderators who have been informed of this future collaboration (via felassan ), the developers would also like Fandom to help the small team to redecorate the wiki in question as the game approaches the release. The idea would then be to have new themes with background images sticking to the new game assets for its launch, the content of the pages obviously remaining unchanged.

A more action-oriented game?

In other words, the Dragon Age 4 promotional machine will finally get going very soon. BioWare had so far been content with a few small teasers to give fans a little cookie to wait. The contact for this partnership nevertheless suggests that a real trailer will be released in the coming weeks and that a release date, or in any case a launch window, can already be decided. We can assume that the video in question will finally reveal the new playable character, the stakes of the story and obviously some fellow travelers. The summer period seems ideal for giving news of the game, even if the publisher has not yet confirmed its annual EA Play which is still held in June. 

Players were nevertheless able to discover a small preview of Dragon Age 4 . At least not officially, since some gameplay sequences had leaked on the Web, suggesting a rather different episode in terms of the combat system. The game indeed seems to lean more towards beat’em all with gameplay approaching the latest God of War. Extracts which were enough to divide the fans on this point, some regretting to see the mixture of strategy and action slowly disappearing to try to “ please the widest possible audience. We will have to wait a few more months to get a more concrete idea of ​​this fourth episode.


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